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Fabrizio Mazzardo

Born in Turin, he soon moved to Liguria where he began his activity as a musician, photographer. It immediately merges into everything that touches nature and chooses sporting activities such as free climbing, archery and biking, beating all the steep and extreme paths of the Finale.

Introflette his marked sensitivities of observation and only in photographic representations that stand out for personality and sensitivity, grants flashes of dynamic contemplation that reflect his aesthetic and ecstatic vision of life like a deformed and deforming mirror, by deliberate camouflage. The theater where famous actors flow before him, is the reflected and deformed part.

Figures are created in black and white and sometimes, but less, in color, which leave the observer’s gaze astonished as the artist’s soul in the moment in which he photographs. And this happens, with no escape.


Fabrizio Mazzardo